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Dendritic poly(stearyl-Lys, His, Arg) HCl (DSK)

Core: Dendritic poly(Lys, Phe)

Subsurface: His-his-his

Surface: 5%Lys, 5%stearyl-Lys, 90%Arg


Features: highly efficient, no observed toxicity, most inexpensive

Application: sensitive and primary cells 

Description: DSK is a revolutionary transfection reagent that isn't made from cytotoxic PEI. It has been developed to cater for a wide range of cell types where other transfection reagents have failed. Arginine residues play a critical role in intracellular uptake. Histidines have buffering capacity in the acidic environment of endosomes. Dendrimers with cationic and hydrophobic amino acid motifs were reported to improve transfection by 6–10-fold over commercial reagents. DSK is suitable for delivery of plasmid DNA.


Example (primary cells):

DSK binds pDNA non-covalently, forming a nanoparticle. It is easy to use and has non-toxic effects.


 seed cells  ------------>  add DSK/pDNA complexes  ------------>  transfection assay  


1. Plate cells one day before the transfection experiment so that cells will be approximately 70% confluent on the day of transfection. 
2. Combine 5mg DSK 
 with 5 ml PBS . 
3. Combine 0.5 ug pDNA with 30 uL PBS. 
4. 30 uL DSK solution was added to this 30 uL pDNA-PBS gently and incubated for 30 minutes at room temperature.
5. DSK /pDNA complexes were added into each well while gently swirling the plate.
6. Incubate cell at 37 C in a CO2 incubator. The transfection efficiency of reporter gene could be analysis at 24-48 hours after adding the complexes.


Animal data will be sent on request.





CPP-DNA is suitable for delivery of small RNA (siRNA, shRNA, microRNA).




dendritic poly(Arg, His, Lys)-poly(Glu, Leu)

CPP-protein is suitable for delivery of protein.

Dendritic CPP-PEG-Dendritic CPP

DPD is suitable for SF9, HEK293 and mammalian kidney cell lines, 310USD/1000mg (=1000ml, sales promotion).



                                                                            ICP No. 11000739